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Welcome to Chettinad House! The ideal place for delicious, authentic Chettinad food.

Chettinad is a region located in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The term is used to refer to 96 villages where Natukkottai Chettiars originate from. Chettinad is famous world-over for its unique cuisine and architecture and has great importance historically and culturally.

Being sea-faring traders, Chettiars traveled far and wide carrying out commerce and trade in several countries such as Burma, Malaysia, Singapore and Sri Lanka. Influences of their travels can be found in many aspects of Chettinad; from the spices and unique food items to the teak used in our houses.

CChettinad architecture is visually stunning and traditional homes are widely known to be massive, elaborately laid-out and expensively furnished. Despite being in the heart of south India, these homes offer a unique meeting of western as well as eastern elements, thanks to the travels of Chettiars long ago.

Chettinad cuisine is most famously known for its spicy, non-vegetarian dishes but our cuisine has so much more to offer. Be it snacks (ranging from the crunchy thenkuzhal to the golden fried seeyam), desserts (from the countless varieties of paniyaram to sweet rice options such as kavuni arisi) or the multitude of vegetarian choices, Chettinad food is every food lover's dream.

Hailing from Chettinad ourselves, we have brought you our culinary heritage straight from its origin. So enjoy your meal and keep coming back!


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